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business solutions

mindeo scanning products are designed to provide users with solutions to solve the complex problems of nowadays while anticipating and planning for the future. solutions that help end-users meet their business goals and exceed their expectations.  all this is achieved by our more than 7 years of experience in this field, combined with our vision for tomorrow, inspiring us to be constantly on the search for innovations to push technology to new limits and to construct solutions for the market requirement of access to unlimited information.
1. retail

2. distribution channel
3. manufacturing
4. healthcare
5. banking & finance
6. public sector


solution for equipment integration (oem barcode scan engine)

mindeo provides oem barcode scanner engine integration solutions for aidc equipment manufacturer such as mobile computer manufacturers, kiosk and factory process control equipment manufacturers etc. the provided scan engines are fully compatible with existing scan engine from other scan engine manufacturers.  mindeo also provides support for all kind of customization including decoding software, barcode encryption, resizing and reshaping etc to meet the user requirement.

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