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more q:1. what do i do if i have a scanner that is not working?

    if you have a scanner that is not working, it most likely will need to be sent into one of our service depots for repair.  if you are uncertain, technical support can assist in determining if your scanner is in need of reparing.

more q:2. scanned data is incorrectly displayed on the host.

    scanner is not programmed to work with the host. check scanner host type parameters or editing options.
    a. be sure proper host is selected.
    b. for rs-232, ensure the scanner’s communication parameters match the host’s settings.
    c. for a usb-hid keyboard or a keyboard wedge configuration, ensure the system is programmed for the correct keyboard type and language, and the caps lock key is in the correct state.

more q:3. nothing happens when you follow the operating instructions.


    a. no power to the scanner.
    b. incorrect cables.
    c. connections are loose.

more q:4. laser comes on, but the scanner does not decode.

    a. bar code symbol is unreadable.
    b. scanner is not programmed for the correct bar code type.
    c. distance between scanner and bar code is incorrect.
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