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oem production services

mindeo oem team are consists of experienced design engineers and project managers. the oem team will fully cooperate with customers in all kind of product re-modeling to meet customers’ requirement.  mindeo is always actively in transforming customer's idea into realities.  mindeo would deem to offer help on design, oem production support with high quality in addition to extremely cost-effective solution.  various successful cases have been carried by mindeo such as:
1. re-sizing to fit customer's requirement.
2. specific interfaces redesign for customer.
3. specific mechanical and workmanship demanded by customer.
4. silkscreen printing for customer's logo.
5. fully support for mass production.
6. provides comprehensive support for pre-sales, after-sales and maintenance services.

oem design services

mindeo concentrates in design, development, manufacturing and sales of barcode scanner product.   in order to increase customer value and competitive in corresponding area, mindeo offers design customization. the collaboration is led charged by specific experienced project manager and carried out by design engineers, which would make good interaction between customers and mindeo.  the development and re-modeling process is under controlled in accordance with stringent specification.  a large number of cases are succeeded by mindeo, such as:
1. special barcode decoding algorithms design support.
2. encryption on barcode data solution.
3. customization function design such as: user-defined operation modes.
4. extra information or filtering of collected barcode data support.

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